Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Sweet Baby Shower: for our Little Principessa!

Photo via Curlz

So my mom and my aunt are planning a couple’s baby shower for my husband and I. 

(Why a couple's shower? Well, why should I have to be alone? We're in this together. Plus, why should my husband be left out? He gave our daughter 1/2 her chromosomes!)

I think it’s really sweet of them to want to do this.

My mom is all for my putting in my two cents because she knows I LOVE planning and that I don’t get to do much of it.

If I could have the baby shower of my dreams, it would be as elegant and lovely, as was our wedding. Hello, I want my LIFE to be as elegant and lovely as our wedding! And it actually is. :)

But for the Baby Shower:

I’d like the colors to be pink and gold. 


Not a garish and shiny gold, but a soft champagne hue


And not a vomit-inducing bubblegum pink, but that you’d find while walking a secret garden in Paris.

It’d be nice if there could be some fresh roses. There wouldn't have to be many, just one bunch would do. I adore flowers, especially roses. 

I’d also love to make some treats for the Baby Shower:


I'd love to make macarons! I doubt they'd be as sumptuous as Laduree's, but I'd try and hopefully get pretty close!


And cupcakes with pearls! I don't even like sweets! But I'm sure they'd be yummy.  And Husband would appreciate them. I'd just love to look at them.  That's why I love him. He never tells me that I'm "over the top" or "weird" or "extravagant;" he truly sees me as special and a work of art; "unique in all the world."

I'd like there to be fun games at the party too! 

And other yummy foods, like pizza! Salad! Fruit Salad! Water! and caffeine free Coca-Cola!

And of course presents! Which everyone will have thoughtfully picked from our registry or at least kept a receipt so we could take back their gift if it was not our style or not up to safety standards.

Below are some decor ideas that I’ve collected, which I really like. Hope you enjoy them!

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Source Unkown

Decor by Blair Britt Events

Decor by Blair Britt Events

Decor by Blair Britt Events

Decor by Blair Britt Events

Decor by Paula of Frog Prince Paperie

Do you like my shower ideas???

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