Friday, February 18, 2011

I have not been blogging...

This picture is so creepy...please don't be creepy when you bring the Pizza...(I've linked the source, as always)


I KNow! I'm so bad! I haven't updated in over a week!!!

But hear me out:

I'm tired.

I'm in my first trimester of my first pregnancy, and what I really need are everyday pity parties concerning my nausea and tiredness. And although I tell my Sicilian this is what I need to be complete, he only indulges me for a few minutes before becoming bored and deciding that he should really be practicing juggling, or meditating, or brushing his teeth (he's obsessed with teeth brushing), or wrestling me & our unborn child (it's more like cuddling while making growling noises). And while that's well and good...

What I really need is an old school chorus (in the Greek sense) to surround me and start singing of my woes. Hence the picture above. But it's really creepy! I almost didn't post it! Are all Greek choruses so chill-inducing? Maybe I really just want some 50's french singers with guitars to just laze about and sing backup to my woe-ing. (I made up a new word! A new "gerund" if you're cool like me!)

Either way my backup singers or Chorus will start singing of my aches, and that I have to PEE a thousand times a day, how I'm TIRED...ALL THE TIME, and moody, and sleepy. But Nausea will definitely take the spotlight.  Then everyone will cry and hug me and then call everyone I've ever known and tell them to each give me 3 minutes of unadulterated sympathy :D and a gift for being a trooper.

Man! I'm so melodramatic.

But at least exaggerating and laughing at myself takes my mind off of these little inconveniences.

I realize that my Husband and I are truly blessed with the little Bean that's growing inside of me, and I'm doing my best to adjust to my body which feels weird now.

I hope you'll find it in your hearts to forgive my absence...

And that you'll come to my apartment, bearing gifts of Pizza Hut, ready to sing a good round of "Woe is Imogen and her pregnant woes"

I'll be waiting for ya :)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My hair, my life, my stomach...

I really need to do my hair.

Like really.

I need to get out of the bed, shower, slather my hair with conditioner, and tame these bedraggled sorry droopy crunchy things that should be tiny little coiling luscious curls. Instead I look like some sort of dried up mohawk bird.

I just don't have the energy right now. AND I'm scared!

I had a bowl of cereal with milk about an hour ago, and I'm afraid if I move too much (more than approximately an inch, in any direction) I will become instantly nauseous and puke out the nutrients my baby and I desperately need.

So this is what I've become.
I've gone from a woman who gloried in delicious foods, who orgasmed at the thought of having jambon beurre and chocolate chaud in Paris,  to a dry-headed scaredy cat...too afraid to eat.

Man. That jambon beurre sounds delicious. Hold on, I need to call my Sicilian and ask him to bring home some french bread and thinly sliced organic ham for lunch! Pronto! OMG! My phone is out of my one inch radius!!! What do I do???!!! He didn't answer!!! And after all that harrowing grabbing and reaching. I'm going to need to watch a Duggar episode in order to calm down...

Ok, back to what's going on: last night was NOT a good night. I had to climb OUT of our warm luxurious bed, away from my hot husband, and out into the cold, frigid air, to run to the bathroom....around 7 times. Let's just say I had an upset stomach. Then, at 1am I woke up very dizzy, almost falling over to relieve my upset stomach.

If I haven't told you already, I sometimes suffer from SEVERE VERTIGO, which makes my eyeballs roll around in my head...very creepy, but also so scary the thought of it happening again makes me panic and cry. It's very disconcerting not being able to control your Eyeballs!

So anyways I had to take one of my dizzypills (the prescription says take 2 but one is fine for me) and I spent the rest of my conscious hours praying for the baby not to be affected and ordering my husband to do the same in some sluggish sleeptalk language that he seems to understand.

So after such a hellish night following 3 days of nausea, I'm just chilling right now. 
No guilt. Not doing housework. Nothing. I may not even shower.
Nasty, I know. I just want to sleep.

When I wake up, maybe I'll be ready to become a functioning human being again...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have any of you experienced waves of nausea that vibrate up your body with each step you take?

Toph's Earthbending looks a lot like how my nausea feels

Well that's what I've been experiencing for the past 3 days.
Yesterday was the absolute WORST because while at work my insides instantly decided to go into REVERSE! I BARELY had enough time to run to the bathroom and I didn't have enough time to make it to a stall.

Let's just say I'm lucky they keep a garbage can out in the open...and that there was no one blocking it. And that no one saw that I totally MISSED the garbage and totally spewed exorcist style onto the wall...the shame!


And other than embarrassing, it was unprofessional, unattractive, and just plain unreasonable!

I feel like my body has turned traitor. It's doing outrageous going into instant reverse without warning....getting ridiculously tired from mundane activities...and making certain foods just plain OFFENSIVE.

My husband chopped some green peppers for me to eat the other day and the only way I can describe their smell smelled like those green peppers just wanted trouble! Like the sole purpose of their existence was to offend me.  It sounds RIDICULOUS, but that's how I felt. Like they and all their little peppery green buddies were out to get me, like they were a rude guys who barged in my house, spit on my sofa, and tried to beat me up.
I just really felt offended by their presence, their smell, their entire existence! green peppers for me. Even thinking about them makes me kind of mad.

Isn't that weird! My body is like....freaking me out!

My boobs are getting bigger. I've gained 2 lbs the last month. I'm still pretty hour-glassy... but soon it'll happen, I didn't even realize it until this week....




I'd just come into my own: realizing that I'm not meant to be 120lbs and starving, but a goddess of sensuality! And now...I'll be a chocolaty cream-puff in 8 months. Probably 6!

And I guess that's ok right?

I'm heading towards another kind of "womanly-ness".

With lush breasts

A ripe stomach full of a love-made life

Glowing skin and long coiling dark curls (I'm hoping, although I've had 3 pimples this past week!)

I guess this is just what happens.

My Sicilian doesn't really understand: Just because Millions of women for Millions of years have been pregnant and given birth, doesn't mean that it's just old hat to me! It's new! And it's not just run of the mill to be nauseaus, and throwup at a moment's notice! No matter how many relatives calmly tell me it is! Does no one sympathize???!!!

I guess I DO want a pity party, I want everyone to put on sad little paper hats, and crowd around me, and cry about how much of a wonderful trooper I am.  Wow! I never knew I was so bratty! At least I still have enough composure to see that.)

(munch munch munch...these ginger chew's really help!)

Oh! I wanted to tell all the other expecting moms...or loved ones of those expecting, or people expecting moms have barfed all over by mistake while trying to reach the toilet:

These ginger chews really help with nausea!

Ginger Chews

I've popped one when I felt the nausea coming on and they really help (totally not affiliated with them and not paid to say this).

Before we bought them, I admit I was a little afraid to eat...projectile vomiting across the room and hitting a wall will do that to a girl. But I've safely been able to nibble here and there (after my notoriously nauseated 11am-12.30pm time)!

Have any of you suffered from nausea...pregnancy related or otherwise? Have any tips?????

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On being Pregnant (first trimester)

Hot Milk Lingerie
 (I don't really like this picture that much, but I wanted something and I'm too tired to keep looking!)

Hello There~*~*

So I'm pregnant! with child! carrying! so many wonderful words to describe the miracle that's happening inside me right now.

I still have a hard time believing that I'm pregnant so I often talk to my tiny baby, or make up little songs about what it's probably doing :)

Other than making up songs, I've noticed that I'm tired a lot of the time and I get hungry much more often. But I try to have healthy snacks of almonds, cheese, as well as organic veggies and fruit.

I've also noticed that my BREASTS are REALLY SORE. They usually get sore during my womanly time, but now they're like EXTREMELY TENDER! I also have cramps on and off sometimes, not like during my womanly time, because those are SEVERE, these are more just...on again off again little feelings. 

I'm also enjoying talking to our baby and referring to my Sicilian as "Daddy": saying "I wonder what Daddy will want for dinner" or "I wonder what Daddy is working on right now. I'm very excited for this entire process. Maybe not the birthing so much, seems scary, hard, and very painful. But, I've even started researching trying to have a positive birthing experience, so I'm reading this book:

Learn More

Diary of a Midwife: The Power of Positive Childbearing
One of many by the way.

I'll tell you more about it after I've read more.

Ps. I'm having a hard time finding pictures I like that really illustrate the mood I'm trying to convey, so I think I'm going to start illustrating this blog myself! After searching for so long, I'm tired. Goodnight. Wow, I stayed up till 9.15pm...I think that's a record. I've been conking out at 8 o'clock!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big News on the Home Front~*~

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

~*My Husband and I found out we are expecting our first child!~*

Wow. We just told our families, so it feels a bit more real. But Wow. We've talked about children since we first started dating, more than 8 years ago. We both knew we wanted a lot of children and that we didn't want to be much older when we had our first child....but WOW.

This is such an unexpected blessing...I really don't know what to say.

I just pray that my body is healthy and strong enough to support and carry our child. I hope the Lord will bless us with a healthy baby.

I'm just stunned.

And I'm also stunned at how much more passionate I feel about homesteading. We've only bought organic food since discovering our pregnancy. It feels great to eat things that are good for the baby. I'm tired now, so I'll lay down.

Although our baby is only 4-5 weeks old (by convention) my Sicilian's Aunt suggested we start singing to him/her and reading him/her stories. We're starting tonight!

Are any of my readers out there parents? or parents-to-be?