Friday, July 22, 2011

My Secret Admirerers~*~*~*

Unaltered Painting is Portrait of Miss Dido Elizabeth Bell Lindsay

Âllo Mes Chères!

Is that you up there? Secretly popping onto the blog when I'm asleep and then leaving mysteriously before leaving a comment or "following"?

It's ok, I'm guilty of the same thing! There are like 4 blogs that I regularly read that I didn't "follow" until this week! I'm naughty!

But PLEASE, don't follow my bad example! Be active on my site! Make comments! Suggestions! Give Advice! I'd like to have more of a community vibe.

Based on my "stats" it seems as though you enjoy reading my blog! Thank you!
But why? Who? Which posts are your faves?
And most importantly...Please let me know what you think?

I write basically, to get my thoughts out there, but your opinions do matter! I love hearing from you!

You know, without comments, or following, it's hard to know whether or not anyone is really interested. Also it makes it hard to focus my writing. Being of the artistic persuasion, I can write about nearly anything. I'd like to know what YOU like to help focus me.

Ok, also I just really want to hear from you! Tell me what you'd like to have featured on the site: more video? more pictures? more fashion? more home décor? more of my life (prolly not! :D) More about my travels? (that would be fun!) my curly hair styles? Being an artist? Being a wife? I think I need to write about all of that anyways! It would be great!

Mais oui, Thank you for stopping in, whenever you do! Grand Bisous!

Love Always, Imogen~*~*~*


  1. Awww I saw your post on Hairscapades sharing how you only had 5 followers. Now, I'm #6 :-)

    When you get a min., please stop by

  2. Hey, I'm a silent reader also. Forgive me for not commenting. I hope you won't stop blogging. I would love to see more posts about your travels. I'm in love with travel and I love to hear other people's experiences. Being a wife and an artist sounds interesting also.

  3. Thank you to all of my "silent" readers! :) I'm happy to share <3Please follow <3



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