Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bonjour! Hello! Goodmorning!

The sun has arisen! Birds are chirping! Rainbows are...doing their thing...

I'm in my 2nd trimester! Hooray! I actually really do have more energy! I'm not bouncing off the walls or anything, but I can actually clean my house well (I'd just been pitifully shuffling around our flat, heroically filling our dishwasher or straightening up then I would be exhausted).

And I'm not chronically nauseous anymore! I still have my moments, but I'm doing better! Hooray!

One thing is, my homesteading has actually been put on the back burner!!! Oh No!!!!

Well, I'm not surprised. It's a big undertaking (for this city girl who would like to be a bit more rural) and I'm easily exhausted since becoming pregnant.

Also, my husband can't help on the homesteading front because he is taking his comprehensive exams for his he's a bit busy.

I only work part time, the rest of the time I'm a housewife/stay at home mom-to-be.

And I will be leaving my job soon because of a few injustices that have popped up.

(I was hired. I happily and diligently worked for 2 years. I saw my job advertising for another person, and because I needed the hours, I emailed and said I would like to apply. I was told they were only hiring candidates with a Master's degree. I said alright. A girl was hired, she has less experience, went to a less prestigious college, is not great at our job, and DOES NOT HAVE A MASTER'S yet she is paid more than me and given my hours. I also discovered I'm the lowest paid person at my job. But, I'm also the most experienced. The new girl is blonde, all of my coworkers are white and we are currently stationed in the southern US. I'm feeling like I'm being discriminated against. My husband, who is Italian/Sicilian agrees and is livid. So I won't be staying at this job much longer.)

I'm mad about the above situation, but most of all I'm hurt. I think hurt may be underneath all anger. It just hurts that after knowing me for 2 years, they could treat me like this. They treat me like I could never be their friend. They actually treat me like a coiled snake, as though I'm fine as long as they don't get too close (emotionally). That hurts. It's just sad, because they're missing out on a good person's friendship.  

So, I'm currently looking for another post/job, until we can move out of this region.

I'm also studying so I can take the GRE before the baby is born and I'm gathering my thoughts and journaling so as to know what I'd like to pursue.

I just have so many interests and I'm quite talented. I'm not trying to sound inflated, it's just that, it kind of poses a problem when it's time to choose a career path.

Alright, time to get dinner on our plates! yum!
<3 Imogen~*~*~*