Thursday, July 21, 2011

Following Dreams~*~*~*

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How do you follow your dreams????

Well, the first thing is to HAVE a dream;
multiple dreams, really.

Can you divide your dreams into personal and professional? 

If that’s too daunting or if you’re not sure how to start, maybe begin by writing a “what I’d like” list. That way you’ll practice organizing your thoughts. It’s also good to define WHY you’d like something, so when you’re writing your other lists, you can clarify your thoughts and reaffirm your plans!

Here's an example "what I'd like" list: 

What I’d like:

1- Louis Vuitton Purse
why? It’ll last forever; I won’t have to shop for another purse; It’s stylish, classic and goes with my style.

2- A colorful palette of matte eyeshadows
why? I’d like to be able to try more vibrant eye shadow looks

3- A hot post pregnancy wardrobe
why? I deserve it! ha! And also because I think it’ll help fight depression and I like to look good.

After making your “Thing’s I’d like” list, you should be able to use the same thought process to make your other lists. 

For me, I’m not sure exactly what the endpoint will be. I’m not like “I want to be a professor at a top university and translate documents in my spare time.” I don’t think you have to know what you want to do “at the end of the rainbow” and maybe that’s good because you can’t predict the future and even the best laid plans have a way of growing and changing to accommodate your growing and changing mind (which is a good thing).

So let’s look at an example; basically my goals for the future:

My Professional Goals:

1- Continue my fine arts education and become a better figurative oil painter
why? I’ve always loved painting and while painting, I find a peace and a challenge that I’ve found nowhere else.

2-Get into a Ivy League PhD program in Women’s Studies or Communications
why? I want an advanced degree. I want to study something that's really interesting to me. I want to make a difference in the field and beyond.

3-Finish my PhD dissertation abroad
why? I love France. 

4-Open a B&B with Husband
why? It seems like fun
5-Teach at a University and online
why? I like teaching and it gives me money and more time with my family
6-Do professional editorial work 
why? I like money :D 

I think one thing that holds people back is thinking “I’m too old! I’ll be so old by the time I finish” Well Honey, those years are going to pass no matter what, you’ve just got to decide what you’d like to do with them.

My Personal Goals

1- Be a loving, attentive, and hot wife
why? I love being in love

2- Be fashionable and cute everyday if possible
why? I love looking as hot as I can; makes me feel good!

3- Have a healthy lifestyle and be fit
why? being out of breath is not cool. I’ll have a baby to run after too.

4- Be a positive person and have a healthy outlook
why? It’s better for me and all those around me.

These are ALL pretty lofty goals, so the thing is to start small.
Let’s take #1 of my professional goals. I already have my BA in English from a prestigious college. But applying to a top Professional Art School was a little daunting because I needed a portfolio and to tell you the truth, I didn’t know if I was good enough!

So I took it one step at a time. I did the easiest stuff first: I filled out the application: hey! I know my name and where I live, piece of cake! Then step by step I went through the requirements: asking for recommendations, and slowly making work. First I did research on the type of work I needed and how to best make a portfolio. Then I got to work: I made a schedule of how many pieces I needed to get done and by when and I dove in. I also talked to other artists, people who were also older students, and who had been accepted; and I received some really good advice that was integral to my being accepted (I think).
I wrote the small essay (piece o’ cake again) and was accepted WITH financial aid! Bingo!  It was great. It was a lot of hard work, but it felt great to start class that fall.

So now that I’m “in the motherly way” things are a little more challenging (I can’t oil paint now : (  But I’m in contact with professors and trying to decide how to best proceed for my goals.

**I am also doing the same thing for my PhD. I’m slowly taking notes and gathering my thoughts on what I’d like to focus on and also doing research on how to synthesize my many and varied thought ;)

I’m also studying for the GRE right now, WHILE PREGNANT! oy!

So tell me, what are your dreams?~*~*

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