Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big News on the Home Front~*~

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

~*My Husband and I found out we are expecting our first child!~*

Wow. We just told our families, so it feels a bit more real. But Wow. We've talked about children since we first started dating, more than 8 years ago. We both knew we wanted a lot of children and that we didn't want to be much older when we had our first child....but WOW.

This is such an unexpected blessing...I really don't know what to say.

I just pray that my body is healthy and strong enough to support and carry our child. I hope the Lord will bless us with a healthy baby.

I'm just stunned.

And I'm also stunned at how much more passionate I feel about homesteading. We've only bought organic food since discovering our pregnancy. It feels great to eat things that are good for the baby. I'm tired now, so I'll lay down.

Although our baby is only 4-5 weeks old (by convention) my Sicilian's Aunt suggested we start singing to him/her and reading him/her stories. We're starting tonight!

Are any of my readers out there parents? or parents-to-be?



  1. Sorry I'm just getting to this older post, but it's been a little crazy around our place!
    I have two little ones that run, and one that soars, but we're planning on having a few more! ;} But I digress - CONGRATS! There's nothing in the world that is better than having kids. Despite the morning sickness, I LOVED being pregnant! It's so much fun to daydream about names, the baby room, what your little one will look like. . .
    If you need any advice on homesteading w/ a newborn - don't be afraid to ask! There aren't too many baby books on how to farm with an infant. ;}

  2. Thank you! You're very sweet. I'm trying to keep up with my Chia garden, I hope they're getting enough light! And it'd be great to have someone to talk about homesteading with!



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