Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On being Pregnant (first trimester)

Hot Milk Lingerie
 (I don't really like this picture that much, but I wanted something and I'm too tired to keep looking!)

Hello There~*~*

So I'm pregnant! with child! carrying! so many wonderful words to describe the miracle that's happening inside me right now.

I still have a hard time believing that I'm pregnant so I often talk to my tiny baby, or make up little songs about what it's probably doing :)

Other than making up songs, I've noticed that I'm tired a lot of the time and I get hungry much more often. But I try to have healthy snacks of almonds, cheese, as well as organic veggies and fruit.

I've also noticed that my BREASTS are REALLY SORE. They usually get sore during my womanly time, but now they're like EXTREMELY TENDER! I also have cramps on and off sometimes, not like during my womanly time, because those are SEVERE, these are more just...on again off again little feelings. 

I'm also enjoying talking to our baby and referring to my Sicilian as "Daddy": saying "I wonder what Daddy will want for dinner" or "I wonder what Daddy is working on right now. I'm very excited for this entire process. Maybe not the birthing so much, seems scary, hard, and very painful. But, I've even started researching trying to have a positive birthing experience, so I'm reading this book:

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Diary of a Midwife: The Power of Positive Childbearing
One of many by the way.

I'll tell you more about it after I've read more.

Ps. I'm having a hard time finding pictures I like that really illustrate the mood I'm trying to convey, so I think I'm going to start illustrating this blog myself! After searching for so long, I'm tired. Goodnight. Wow, I stayed up till 9.15pm...I think that's a record. I've been conking out at 8 o'clock!



  1. You should watch "The Business of Being Born." Ricki Lake (ya know, the ol' talk-show hostess?) and her friend are the producers. I found it gave me the courage to stand up for myself and my baby when I was trying for VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with my second son and I was getting a lot of skepticism from family/friends. Not that you're in the same position, but it's very informative as well.



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