Monday, January 31, 2011

Holly & Hef

Watch this clip, and you will see two people who are still in love...

  Holly & Hef

Heff: I've lived in fantasy too long, I don't know what to do....Holly: I love you, but you really hurt me

 (((That's what I think their eyes are saying)))

I admit it: I really enjoyed watching "The Girls Next Door." It was fun, sexy, young, and full of girl debauchery. I just thought it was cute. I loved watching the dynamics between the women, being inspired by their cute outfits, and just joining them on their adventures (to Alaska, Europe, California!)

 I thought the relationship between Holly and Heff was a little fake at times, but at others, it seemed as though they did really love each other.

Watching this snippet made me sad...I hope things work out for them.

I know this is so RANDOM! But I do write about my random thoughts and things I like too. :)


ps. Big news on the home-front! Hope you're ready!

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