Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My hair, my life, my stomach...

I really need to do my hair.

Like really.

I need to get out of the bed, shower, slather my hair with conditioner, and tame these bedraggled sorry droopy crunchy things that should be tiny little coiling luscious curls. Instead I look like some sort of dried up mohawk bird.

I just don't have the energy right now. AND I'm scared!

I had a bowl of cereal with milk about an hour ago, and I'm afraid if I move too much (more than approximately an inch, in any direction) I will become instantly nauseous and puke out the nutrients my baby and I desperately need.

So this is what I've become.
I've gone from a woman who gloried in delicious foods, who orgasmed at the thought of having jambon beurre and chocolate chaud in Paris,  to a dry-headed scaredy cat...too afraid to eat.

Man. That jambon beurre sounds delicious. Hold on, I need to call my Sicilian and ask him to bring home some french bread and thinly sliced organic ham for lunch! Pronto! OMG! My phone is out of my one inch radius!!! What do I do???!!! He didn't answer!!! And after all that harrowing grabbing and reaching. I'm going to need to watch a Duggar episode in order to calm down...

Ok, back to what's going on: last night was NOT a good night. I had to climb OUT of our warm luxurious bed, away from my hot husband, and out into the cold, frigid air, to run to the bathroom....around 7 times. Let's just say I had an upset stomach. Then, at 1am I woke up very dizzy, almost falling over to relieve my upset stomach.

If I haven't told you already, I sometimes suffer from SEVERE VERTIGO, which makes my eyeballs roll around in my head...very creepy, but also so scary the thought of it happening again makes me panic and cry. It's very disconcerting not being able to control your Eyeballs!

So anyways I had to take one of my dizzypills (the prescription says take 2 but one is fine for me) and I spent the rest of my conscious hours praying for the baby not to be affected and ordering my husband to do the same in some sluggish sleeptalk language that he seems to understand.

So after such a hellish night following 3 days of nausea, I'm just chilling right now. 
No guilt. Not doing housework. Nothing. I may not even shower.
Nasty, I know. I just want to sleep.

When I wake up, maybe I'll be ready to become a functioning human being again...


  1. Oh you poor baby! I had it for 24 hours to the minute last week and it hit me like a ton of bricks! It's good that you're just chillin', sometimes it seems like the universe just steps in and says "SIT DOWN"!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh man! Hope you feel better soon - but you do need to eat, even if it comes back to haunt you. Getting sick on an empty stomach is worse than revisiting your breakfast. Hang in there girly! If you're sick it means that baby is healthy. I didn't have any morning sickness with my second baby and I lost it at 11 weeks :*{. Just consider it an unpleasant blessing.

  3. @MilkMaid09- Thank you for giving me a dose of perspective, and I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of morning sickness as an "unpleasant blessing" is definitely a good way to look at the nausea and I will adopt that attitude! <3 Thank you for sharing



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