Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sprouting Pods!


These look kinda gross


"o my g'ness!"- Shirley Temple

My plants have sprouted!!!!! Or shoots! Or whatever these amorphous lil stalks are called!

They're beautiful! ahem...I'd noticed 2 days ago, that one of the pots had little sprouts coming out of a slimy mass of plant-eggs (seeds) on the top of the chia-soil. They looked WAY GROSS, but boy was I excited! I ran over to them, and opened the blinds a bit, and talked to them a bit, then tried to give them a bit of water, but in my excitement ended up pouring water all over my table...nice....

But today I noticed that ALL THREE POTS have little shoots growing out of them! I'm so happy and so proud! Even though I really didn't do anything, it's the seeds and God and Nature or Nature-God! I'm so happy (smiley face). I feel good because I gave the little seeds and environment in which to grow and I didn't do anything super-wrong so they are thriving.

I keep them each covered in a plastic baggie, as per the suggestion of the Chia Pet authorities. But today, I was so happy and proud of them, I took their baggies off and breathed on them a bit. I hope I didn't have death-breath or anything like that...I hope they won't shrivel up now. They did seem a little out of it when I put the baggies back on. I hope they're ok.....(now I'm thinking of running to check on my little shoots).

We keep the heat kind of low in our flat (68-when we're not home & at night; 70-73 when we're awake and at home). That's as low as I can go, even though my Sicilian Man keeps telling me to turn it down further; he grew up in the northern hemisphere and his father kept the house at 50 during the No way dude. I seriously like cry when he tries to lower it, I'm a bit of a weather wuss...

So anyways, since our heat is low, I get worried about my little guys. This must be what a parent feels like...maybe....probably not.

So there's my Victory Garden! Hooray! I'm really happy! I hope they'll keep thriving.

I'll post my garden plans next!


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  1. Yay! Always fun and it gets the green thumb to itching!



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