Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am so bored and I am so bad!

I know, I'm a naughty blogger! I haven't posted in MONTHS!

Oh well, that's life. Hope you all don't hate me too much ;)

I'm also terribly bored! Why? Well, because I'm not working. I'm not doing a d@mn thing actually. Well, accept getting our petit condo ready for our new arrival. And working on a couple of art pieces for the bébé's nursery. And playing in my hair and being increasingly girly :)

I mean, I AM doing a lot HOBBY-wise and in the Housewife-realm, but I'm not doing much of anything outside the home. I'm not working because, well, I don't work in the summers. I've never worked during the summer and I prefer it that way. But right now, I'm just a bit bored and antsy. I can't accomplish as much at home because, well, since I'm pregnant, I can't lift and carry heavy things. And also, I get tired very quickly. And sometimes, I'd just rather not move! My hips are so sore! And then to top it all off, in the middle of doing a task...I'll completely forget what I'm doing.

Not so fun.

But I do have some news, I have a job interview. Yes, at +5 months pregnant, I have an interview.  And the job seems wonderful since it's in my field, part-time, pays extremely well, and I would be able to work from home while taking care of our baby! My Sicilian's just OK with me having a job. But it has to be part time and from home.  But he often tells me I don't need to work. ahhh, so romantico! Like music to my  ears <3

Well, that's my small update! I'm bored, I'm full of baby, and I'm just chillaxing a lot.

What's new with you?


  1. Hey Congrats on the interview! fingers are crossed for ya! I'm looking forward to not working, it looks like fun lol but for the time being, I have my 9to5 and it keeps the bills paid, hope you're resting! :)

  2. Thanks! Not working...not SO fun, just ok. :) I'm looking forward to working part time. I need to support my shopping habit...:( I love thrifting but I also have super expensive tastes -_-" and especially now with a little Baby Girl on the way!



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